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The empire study play the legacy of alexander the great in comparison to han china, in the roman empire merchants were more highly regarded a fundamental difference between the roman empire and china's han empire was that the. The han dynasty developed into the strongest and longest lasting chinese empire in 206 bc, enduring until 220 ad the dynasty was as powerful as the later roman empire their government was. Han dynasty china and imperial rome, 300 bce–300 ce han control from southeastern china to northern vietnam 3 the xiongnu, the yuezhi, and the han dynasty a symbiotic relationship with nomads to the north a comparison of han and roman empires 1 comparable size and scale.

Comparisons between the roman and han empires are the comparative study of the roman empire and the han dynasty of early imperial chinaat their peaks, both states controlled a large portion of the world population and produced political and cultural legacies that endure to the modern era comparative studies largely focus on their similar scale at their pinnacles and on parallels in their. Contacts between han china and the roman empire sunny y auyang in 330 bce, alexander led the macedonian army into central asia to finish off the persian empire. Han dynasty vs roman empire: a comparison preconditions ideology similarities state building and characteristics similarities major results of empire similarities decline and fall similarities the han dynasty: preconditions the government was a balance between zhou decentralized government and qin centralized government. A map of the western han dynasty in 2 ad: 1) families throughout han china made ritual sacrifices of animals and food to deities, spirits, and ancestors at temples and shrines they believed that these items could be utilized by those in the spiritual realm.

Individual histories for each abounded, but until recently, few attempts existed to compare the two 1 the roman empire and han china of the first century ce superimposed on today's political map. Han china and roman empire comparison similarities: both han china and the roman empire showed that they were powerful by investing a lot in public works like roads, bridges, a ueducts, canals, and protective walls. The final comparison is that han china had a greater emphasis on religion than imperial rome in han china, this was found in the mandate of heaven, the structure of family found in the government, and that to get a good job in the government one needed to be educated in confucianism.

The imperial roman empire from 31 bce to 476 ce and the han dynasty of china from 206 bce to 220 ce han china and the roman empire compare and contrast essay. The roman empire and han dynasty china: a comparison introduction the several centuries of success for han china (202 bce – 220 ce) and the roman empire (27 bce – 476 ce) pinpoint possibilities for comparison in the classical period. Rome and han: a comparison of empires the roman empire is thought to be the primary foundation of western culture and modes of government the han dynasty, on the other hand, provided the basis for culture and government in china, one of the most powerful eastern influences. The han dynasty was one of many dynasties in ancient china and it was able to change the outlook on society because of its radical and novel ideology based on confucianism show more comparing the han dynasty and the roman empire essay. More essay examples on compare rubric b) economic – china’s isolation led to them having a localized government on the other hand, india was susceptible to outside forces and influences, causing it to have more diverse culture, and therefore to have local governments.

Compare and contrast the fall of the han dynasty with the fall of the roman empireduring the late classical period (200-600 ce), all the great empires collapsed the collapse of the empires did not happen abruptly but was a process the fall of the han dynasty and the roman empire showed similar characteristics both empires simply got too big, too overextended, and when weakened were. Comparison: the persians and han china the similarities and differences in the political and military techniques used by rulers in persia and han china were, that both persian and han emperors ruled by separating their empires into sections or districts, both empires were separated into dynastic periods, and that the persian military force was inept at sea-faring navigation, unlike the armada. Han and china essay civilizations of han china and rome had very different views on technology while han china saw technology as necessary to economic life, romans saw technology as unneeded and no substitute for hard work and manual labor. Comparison between the roman empire and han dynasty china (selfhistory) submitted 1 year ago by boron20 there is a ongoing discussion in /r/europe link how or if you can compare these empires. Mauryan/gupta india from 320 bce to 550 ce had similar as well as different methods of political control with that of han china from 206 bce to 220 ce in the sense that both used culture to justify social inequality supported with the idea of rising in social status and the use of religion to help with political control.

The han dynasty (206 bce-220 ce) was one of the longest of china’s major dynasties in terms of power and prestige, the han dynasty in the east rivalled its almost contemporary roman empire in the west with only minor interruptions it lasted a span of over four centuries and was considered a golden age in chinese history especially in arts, politics and technology. The roman empire and han dynasty china: a comparison aim • how did the roman empire compare to the han dynasty in china do now (u5d1) december 19, 2013 • write your answer on an index card • do you think rome was unique in terms of power, culture, and influence in the time period of 200 bc to 500 ad. Ap world history foun which two of the following vied for influence in china during the tang dynasty found which of the following is an accurate comparison of the classical civilizations of rome, han china, and gupta india a gupta india controlled much more land space than did rome and han china b han china relied more on slave labor.

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  • - han dynasty: 60 million people, - also about 60 million people but virtually all were in “inner china” only a few of these million in italy ˇ ˇ ˘ - although confucian china spoke of a - imperial rome knew of its actual, mythological golden age of equality historical republican past and always.

In han china, one was stuck in the class they born in and simply had to endure the fact also, in rome, the people had more power than the citizens of han china since rome started out as a republic, the citizens had a say in what the government did. In the time of augustus in rome and the han dynasty in china, the roman and chinese empires each held about 60 million people, but in rome only a few of these millions were in italy. Ivan diaz humanities 3rd ms - a comparison of han china and india introduction berdea/ ms fischer 10/20/12 han china and india under comparison mauryan/gupta india from 320 b c e to 550 c e had similar as well as different methods of political control with that of han china from 206 b c e to 220 c e in the sense that both used.

comparison of han china and the The roman empire and han china shared many similarities as well as many differences, among them were the effect disease played on these countries, reasons for decline in both empires, and the emergence of new religions.
Comparison of han china and the
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